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PEM is formulating new Danish-Arab partnership programme

PEMconsult in association with Verner Kristiansen has been contracted to...

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Welcome to PEMconsult

PEMconsult is an international consultancy practice dedicated to delivering high quality services in Environment and Management. During the last fifteen years we have carried out approximately 750 assignments in 70 countries world wide, with an annual fee turnover of approximately 4 million USD.

  • Putting people first

    This is the approach we adopt in all our assignments. It is a choice of starting point as well as a guiding philosophy. Every situation is different; both tested and innovative techniques can be used to identify and promote the interests of the people involved.

  • Problem understanding before problem solution

    Understanding the problem requires insight, listening and freedom from preconceived ideas. Understanding is often best achieved through a participatory approach.

  • Impact through innovation

    Difficult problems require innovative solutions. Innovation results not only from inspiration but also from carefully designed and participatory processes. Participation increases the chance of successful implementation.

  • Teamwork

    This is the basis for high quality services. Integrated and multi-disciplinary approaches call for good teamwork. Teamwork must be built in from the start of the assignment.